NSI (INDIA) LTD. is your reliable source for the highest quality Grey Iron Castings, Ductile Iron Castings, Fabricated Steel and Plastic Products • Established in 1955, Manufactures & Export according to international quality standards including ASTM (USA) and EN124 (Europe) • Products being exported to USA, Canada, France, Italy, UK, Germany, Norway, Finland, Australia, UAE, Oman and Qatar etc • Annual capacity - 24,000 tons

Manhole Cover and Frame Water Meter, Valve & Surface Boxes

Galvanized Manhole Steps

Galvanized Inlet Grates, Gully Gratings Trench Grates, Channel Gratings

Catch Basin Grates, Gully Gratings
Manhole Riser Rings Tree Grate (Tree Grille) Plastic Products
Tractor Weights Counterweight Agriculture Casting

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